Happy World Animal Day! Lorraine Lobacz’ act of love for the Animal Shelter of Aruba

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World Animal Day is a day of action recognized worldwide for animal rights as well as welfare. It is celebrated on 4 October, Francis of Assisi feast day, the animals’ patron saint. The mission of this day is raising the status of animals to improve welfare standards worldwide.

Building the celebration of this day brings together the animal welfare movement, and mobilizes it to become a global force in making the world that we live in a better and safer place for all animals. And on this special occasion, we want to highlight the service of love of Lorraine Lobacz and her group, who have the most beautiful tradition: every year they do a fundraising for the Animal Shelter of Aruba.

This year, Lorraine and her group’s fundraiser was a coloring contest, where they colored on canvas a beautiful image of a flamingo. “All the animals got treats and love”, Lorraine said, as you can see in the pictures. We are sure the animals at the shelter really appreciated all the love!

Next year, they plan to do coloring canvas contest again. And as an inspiration for World Animal Day, we leave you with a quote from Lorraine: “Being good to animals feels good! Go visit the shelter and bring these animals LOVE.”