Guard Ship HNLMS Groningen left for the Caribbean

Den Helder, 24 Juni 2020. Zr. Ms. Groningen vertrekt vanuit Den Helder richtin g het Caribisch gebied voor antidrugs operaties.
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HNLMS Groningen departed from Den Helder (the Netherlands) on June 24 to resume her task as Guard Ship in the Caribbean.

The OPV (ocean-going patrol vessel) had to return temporarily to the Netherlands due to necessary maintenance. Due to the corona-disease, the maintenance personnel was unable to fly into the area. HNLMS Groningen is running a pilot in which the naval vessel remains in the region, but the personnel changes.


HNLMS Zeeland, also no stranger to the region, has sailed as a Guard Ship in recent months. They have conducted various patrols for both Defense and the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard. In this way they contribute to the protection of maritime borders. In addition to preventing illegal drug transports, they also prevented landings of undocumented migrants, thereby preventing possible corona infections on the islands. After a good transfer in the area, HNLMS Zeeland will sail back to the Netherlands. They have completed a four-month journey.