Galloway, EK and Rocco Flava became the big winners of the Caiso & Soca Monarch 2024!

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ORANJESTAD – After a musical celebration spanning two nights, Stichting Musica crowned the winners of the fabulous Aruba Caiso & Soca Monarch 2024.

The Aruba Caiso & Soca Monarch event attracts thousands of spectators and is one of the most exciting and popular music events on the island. A favorite of the locals, this event presents a musical extravaganza which sets the tone for the upcoming carnival parades.

The singers compete with original music compositions and lyrics. For Calypso, social commentary is presented with witty and comical lyrics, while the Soca presents a dancing beat and easy lyrics to get the party started on the road!

The most popular songs are featured in the parades and Carnival events.

For Carnival 70, the winners are:

Winner ACSM Power Soca

Singer: Galloway

Title: Mash Up

Band: Tsunami

Composer: Carl Roosberg

Arrangement: Rod Benjamin & Michael Odor

2nd Place Power Soca Monarch

Singer: M.I.K.E.Y.

Title: Unity

Band: Youth Xtreme Band (YX3M)

Composer: Harvey “Toolz” Agunbero

Arrangement: Harvey “Toolz” Agunbero

3rd Place Power Soca Monarch

Singer: Easy B

Title: Another One

Band: Tsunami

Composer: Shirlan George & Bradley Vesprey

Arrangement: Hendry Tromp

Rookie of the Year

Singer: Big Reckless

Title: Big Help

Band: Tsunami

Composer: Claudius Philips Jr.

Arrangement: Claudius Philips Jr.

Best dressed band: Tsunami

Best Costume: Mitch

Winner ACSM Caiso

Singer: EK

Title: Falta Pottasium

Band: Youth Xtreme Band (YX3M)

Composer: Eugene Kemp

Arrangement: Harvey “Toolz” Agunbero & Eugene Kemo

2nd Place Caiso

Singer: Queen Sashah

Title: Worries

Band: Tsunami

Composer: Martha Figueroa

Arrangement: Michael Odor

3rd Place Caiso

Singer: Mighty Tattoo

Title: Let It Go

Band: Zeta Band Aruba

Composer: Richard Quant

Arrangement: Hubert Thiel

Winner ACSM Groovy Soca

Singer: Rocco Flava

Title: Come Together

Band: Buleria

Composer: Claudius Philips

Arrangement: Claudius Philips

2nd Place Groovy Soca

Singer: Easy B

Title: Togetherness

Band: Tsunami

Composer: Brendon Shalol Joseph

Arrangement: Rod Benjamin

3rd Place Groovy Soca

Singer: Noush

Title: Wreckin’ The Place

Band: Noush & The Band

Composer: Randolph Berry

Arrangement: Claudius Philips Jr.