From 49,000 coupons 15 winners were drawn: Mrs. Angela Maria Perozo won the Lincoln MKC at Renaissance Mall!

265805 Pinchos- PGB promo Banner (25 x 5 cm)-5 copy

ORANJESTAD — Friday afternoon all fifteen winners of the end year’s campaign at Renaissance Mall and Wind Creek Crystal & Seaport Casino were presented at Renaissance Mall.  Only one of them would have the honor to unwrap the gift that revealed the key to start a Lincoln MKC 2018. Everybody who did shopping for $ 50 or more at the Renaissance Mall had this unique opportunity to win the fantastic car. Those who tried their luck at the Wind Creek Crystal & Seaport Casino also participated whenever 50 points or more where achieved. Out of a huge tombolo the fifteen names were drawn that had the chance to win the car.


During the event for the fifteen winners the main price was the car, but there were fourteen other prices to win like for example a Travel Voucher of $ 3.000. It was an exciting moment when all fifteen possible winners got to open their present and see if there was a car key inside. Mrs. Angela Maria Perozo was clearly happy when she found out she was the one with the key to the beautiful Lincoln MKC 2018. She played at the Wind Creek Crystal & Seaport Casino, accumulated her coupons and deposited her coupon. She entered the New Year driving her own new car. Leomar Hazel bought a polo-shirt at Nautica at Renaissance Mall- and won a Travel Voucher with the value of $3,000! Renaissance Mall and Wind Creek Crystal & Seaport Casino congratulates all fifteen winners of the end of the year campaign!