Follow Aruba’s Election results 2021

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During election night, follow a unique broadcast of the preliminary election results on the home page of our official government websites or or at

On June 25, the elections for the members of the States of Aruba will take place. On election night we will broadcast the results of the main polling station on the home page of our website. Visitors can follow the results per polling station and per polling district: the most recent standings are immediately visible and the statistics are made available via graphs. Furthermore, the seat allocation will be calculated automatically.

On the Election Information  section you will find information about Aruban suffrage, the organization of the elections, the distribution of seats, the voting procedures and other practical information and novelties. On the Election 2021 webpage you will find information about the election agenda, the participating political parties, the electoral register and election evening. We invite you to follow the results of the Aruban elections on the night of June 25, 2021 via these sites.