Episode XXXIV: Managing unique values as economic essentials 

The intrinsic nature and indispensable quality of this travel destination, relies on its age old desert landscape, its surrounding oceans, beaches and its cultural heritage, but most of all is its friendly and proud native protagonists of our tourist industry, being key factor of its success. These are the central incomparable elements which deliver its fascinating and relaxing satisfaction. It is time to realize what one should do regarding over-exploiting just for the sake making profit, and not considering a sustainable existence on an eco-conscious territory. This way of doing business has proven to feed disastrous results, when happy-go-lucky will cost you an eye. As risky as forcing your only golden egg-laying goose beyond intensive.

At this time, we as an island nation stand at that point, where government, commerce and the general public should determine our character and make their unconditional choice for the island’s future, considering demographics and Aruba’s geo-physical limitations.

The Aruban cottontail

Historical Iron

Redefine the product destination. Reconsider all assets. Recognize and respect local essences of existing cultural aspects and all native species, since these two are at risk of becoming endangered, even extinct as a species. It is in hand of the general public to requesting legislative protection safeguarding and guaranteed protection for our ecosystem’s existence for our next generation of visitors. We must create awareness of our, yet unfathomed, assets which could be lost without ever knowing of their existence.

We emphasized the on issues such as loyal return visitor complaints, native Aruban`s dissatisfaction with product saturation. Loss of charm from the moment the Aruban friendliness in services and attention has been substituted by cheaper imported labor force, add to that the destruction of nature and ecosystems, the dramatic demographic growth and influx of migrants and illegal aliens. All this devalues the quality of service; elevates taxes, affects spending, the economy and life as a whole.

Our new islands guardians

Our goal as a privately operated cultural awareness and advocators of consciousness starts every morning at our atelier, promotion, encouragement and education regarding these valuable assets to protect as mother seed for renewal and reinvention.

Get involved and participate in one our mind -opening sessions regarding the Aruba experience. Our small building and garden stands on 880m2 piece of land at Westpunt. Here we exhibit historical, as well as native Aruban inspired artworks and artifacts. Follow our guided tours conducted by its founder and curator, using art works, objects and artifacts to tell the story of Aruba. Uncover nature and island culture, through a educative and mind -opening session for the bohemian soul, the adventurous in spirit and those interested in acquiring insular knowledge. Interact and be contaminated with a good predisposition to share our concern in conserving your fragile travel destination.

Lateral entrance

Discover an Aruba in a way that no other could share with you. Explore and take your experience home with you. Our renowned indigenous and educative session has been entertaining curious participants for decades. Mail us at etnianativa03@gmail.comto confirm your participation. Our facilities and activities takes place close to your hotels area.