Episode CXXIX- 129: Legislation against global warming

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Citizens of Aruba are at that point where they must determine character and make an unconditional choice for the future by demanding responsible governance. Considering the demographics and geophysical limitations of its small territory, smart choices long term benefits. Operating objectives of Etnia Nativa’s initiative is to share our collective native folkloric experience and field observations. A spiritual respect for Mother Nature is our promotion. Encourage awareness of true elemental values as well as benefits in proven Scientific and Technological solutions for an eco-conscious society.

Aruba’s fragile nature is under various threat. The lack of regulations and the non-enforcement of those in force has proven to generate disastrous results, accidents made to happen.

Our concern is the destruction of our topsoil and complete depletion of it`s essential nutrient dispensing network which spread humidity evenly during heavy rains, grateful to be spared outside of the so-called hurricane belt, however, razing piece of land is very tragic for Aruba is like an natural disasters.This devastation reached its tipping point. A sign of overcrowding, destruction of nature, and stress will also increase the cost of healthcare, business, security and souring cost of energy whit rising temperatures.

Our island waste impasse deserves a creative solution and pragmatic intervention. In our experiment with recycling, we built all of our facilities. A project that incorporated materials collected in all phases of its construction process. The same was applied in the construction of artifacts, furniture and works of art that are part of the decoration and lectures, such as lamps, masks, shells and bones, feathers and seeds, etc. less garbage in to landfills

We promote the planting of trees, local trees in particular, In order to fight back desertification and rising areal temperature. We actively support such actively as volunteers.

We emphasized on issues such as market saturation, loss of charm. Quality over quantity mindset. Reentegration of the youth in the tourist service industry. Repatriation of the less demanding and under educated foreign workerforces towards recovery and beyound. Reforming fiscal sythem and envioramental custodian, paving way towards a holistic sustainable economy.

Global Warming must be taken very serious and personal, hence everyperson could offer it`s grain of sand of contribution, Lets become a suscesful study case an example in natural recovery, mitigate the cost of fosil energy and combat the intensifying heat.

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