Episode CI – 101: Identity awareness

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Illegal constructions, unsupervised activities as well as some economic developments are irresponsibly exploiting all that has to do with and related to the incursion of the top as well as the subsoil and its contents. Bio- Surface destruction of an area is one of the worst threats to people’s cultural heritage patrimonies and existence itself.

Development pressure or the need to rescue remains prior to their destruction has increased drastically in recent years. Many more private homes projects, offices, shopping centers and parking lots were built on this tiny island. Alongside miles of paved roads and sidewalks, new neighborhoods, schools and social centers all at the cost of habitat lost and ecological decimation of endangered endemic flora and fauna species, archaeological sites, all once a pristine natural landscape.

Together we must encourage participation by choosing for nature, culture and knowledge. Protect our historical buildings and give value to what must be considered unique heritage resources whether we are considering our next step in tourism of autochthon historical and cultural values or not, since these makes up the national intangible heritage and any loss would become one that is forever.

It is imperative to consider motivating the population level explaining the benefits of value and commitment relating to the importance of identity and origins found in recollected salvage.

This causes archaeology in historically significant areas to be under threat. Because salvage archaeology is threat‐led, it is only rarely possible to be selective about what is examined, and time constraints often mean that many of the more refined techniques of data recovery cannot be deployed. Others are the vandalizing of such jewels as prehistoric cave, rock paintings, historical graves found in areas where there were human activities, settlement remains. Preserving through direct evidence recollection of objects and artifact that could be questions linked to available data sources of customs and challenges. Prehistoric artifacts are the only evidence available to study our past, since writing was not so important in their traditions and customs.

Our practice doesn’t differ to that of archaeologists and historians, “to leave things in their place to the guard of any alteration”, thus keeping archaeological details in their original place because in the near future and with the technological advance they could carry out more sophisticated studies and thus obtain more accurate data on how our ancestors lived. Based on the concept “to leave things in their place…” Etnia Nativa pride itself on providing a welcome that emanates from Aruba’s ethnic roots and the now extinct agro-pottery culture. We also advocates for nature preservation, creativity and self-consciousness

We working hand in hand with Aruba`s Archaeological Department as well as whit together with other science oriented awareness organizations to safeguard or as last resort practice a savage operation in order to safe what there is to be picked up.

At the beginning of the last century until the 1970s you could still find enormous Kwihi trees Prosopis juliflora all around Oranjestad, Aruba’s capital city and metate or grinding stones of local lithic material could be found in almost all native homes in Aruba, a legacy of an Agro-potters civilization and a cultural heritage. Almost all rocks surrounded the metate on this picture at the entrance of Etnia Nativa came from salvage where visitors participants interact with archaeological and historical artifacts, contemporary native art and crafts explained by an expert native host.

To get to know a little more regarding Aruba’s and its cultural origins, etc. We highly recommend you to book your participation in our cultural encounter session which has been educating participants for decades. Mail us at etnianativa03@gmail.com our facilities and activities take place close to high rise hotels.