Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance Holds Masterclass with Dutch MPs on Nature Conservation and the Impacts of Climate Change on the Dutch Caribbean

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During ten days of official meetings, the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) held a masterclass for Dutch Members of Parliament, explaining attendees the importance for supporting nature conservation in the Dutch Caribbean and putting more focus that climate change will have on the islands.

“During ten days of meetings here in the Netherlands with various stakeholders we thought it critical to address what is still a lack of knowledge for nature conservation in the biodiversity hotspot in the Dutch Kingdom; the Dutch Caribbean. That is why one of the major initiatives we took was to organize a masterclass on Dutch Caribbean Nature Conservation, our successes and challenges, and what is required to increase the goods and services provided by Nature to the Socio-economic sustainability of the islands as we emerge into a post-pandemic reality,” commented DCNA Director Tadzio Bervoets. During the meeting attendees were given information on the status of nature conservation on all six islands of the Dutch Caribbean, the need to include all six islands of the Dutch Caribbean in Climate Change decisions by the Kingdom Government and the need to financially support nature conservation on the islands.

“One of the most notable issues which came up during meetings, whether it was with the Ministry BZK, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change, or with various Members of Parliament for the Netherlands, was the lack of awareness for Nature Conservation in the Dutch Caribbean and how protecting nature will ensure a sustainable financial future for the islands. That was why it was important to meet with the respective decision-makers, partner nature organizations and research institutions to ensure that, in the Netherlands, nature conservation, Climate Change and Protected Area Management in the Dutch Caribbean is firmly placed on the agenda. That was the main goals of what were often intense and prolonged discussions,” continued Bervoets.

During meetings DCNA requested specifically to have the impacts of Climate Change and the impacts on the Nature, Society and Economies of the most vulnerable societies of the Kingdom, those in the Dutch Caribbean, be taken into account during the decision-making process, specifically as it relates to ongoing discussions as a part of the formation process and putting the Support for Nature of the Dutch Caribbean in future governing programs.