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265805 Pinchos- PGB promo Banner (25 x 5 cm)-5 copy

Aruba Today newspaper would like your support by participating in our very short survey. Please let us know your opinion by scanning the QR code with your camera function of your phone (no need to take a picture, just open camera and scan) or find the survey button on our website. We would like to know how you feel about us and present the best version of us with you back in town.

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– Do you want the best version of us?

We are a FREE newspaper and our prints go like hot cakes. Early mornings at 7 or 8 am hotels would call us for more copies. Now we were and are facing some challenges due to COVID-19 and we could use your help to make sure we are still there for you when you are at your home away from home, your One Happy Island. Are you part of our team? If so, PLEASE participate in this 1-minute survey.

Big thank you!

The Aruba Today team