Deteriorating junction

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By Dr. Carlos Viana

In our clinic we have developed a protocol that has been shown to be effective in the treatment of hot, painful junctions between bones. Joints problems are commonly called “arthritis” but it is a group of different forms of joint inflammation whose origin is not known. Traditional Chinese Medicine calls the different conditions which cause pain, stiffness, and in most cases, swelling in the joints “steaming bones”.

In regular, allopathic medicine the initial treatment for joint pain is limited to the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) resulting in many patients eventually becoming wheelchair bound. Others have excess tissue produced from the uncontrolled arthritis removed. The result is progressive joint damage making arthritis the number one cause of physical disability. Arthritis affects both sexes, all races, socioeconomic levels, and geographic areas. Identical twins statistically do not both develop arthritis. Medical researchers realize there is no genetic foundation to arthritis. Associations with the Epstein-Barr virus that causes mononucleosis, and testing on animals with the herpes simplex virus have pharmaceutical companies looking for the “something” that produces arthritis so a pill or vaccine can be developed.

All 86 forms of arthritis have one thing in common; chronic inflammation that breaks down connective tissue. Connective tissue has the material to rebuild itself when the body is in balance. However, in the presence of inflammation, this material builds big painful joints. With unrelenting inflammation the body’s immune system turns to attack itself. Health care in Western countries today has a major focus on disease, infection and their risk factors; cholesterol, smoking, and blood pressure. Although allopathic medicine recognizes indicators found in blood tests and thermagram reports, very little attention is given to them. Even less attention is placed on managing the risk of the body’s reaction to toxins and heavy metals except in acute poisoning. Additionally, recognized but not addressed are oxidative stress, connective tissue breakdown, chronic inflammation, anaerobic tendency, free calcium excess, and acid stress; all leading to degenerative diseases and accelerated aging. Life expectancy for patients with any form of arthritis is shortened by 5-10 years. After 5 years of disease, approximately 33% of patients will not be working; after 10 years, approximately half will be wheelchair bound.

Daily activities are impaired in most patients. Spontaneous clinical remission, getting better, is uncommon with allopathic medicine and only seen in 5-10% of patients. In our patients with painful joints, we see many common features. The first is that they do not drink enough water. Painful stiff joint symptoms are present in the beginning of mild dehydration. In moderate chronic dehydration we see most of the symptoms of Arthritis, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, and water retention or edema. Chronic dehydration is a problem doctors normally do not address until it is life threatening. Water plays a critical role in every single chemical reaction in the body. Next to oxygen, it is the most vital element of life. Yet, it seems to be virtually ignored by doctors and Public Health Departments. We have good results using colon hydro-therapy to help eliminate toxins and re-hydrate the body. Joint cartilage is composed mainly of water (70-80%). The solid part of cartilage consists primarily of collagen which is a protein. Problems in the synovial membrane to transfer glucose and protein will hinder the production of collagen.

The most abundant circulating protein is found in the blood plasma is albumin. Levels of albumin are often decreased in people with active rheumatoid arthritis. We can check and monitor your amount of albumin by ordering a blood test. If your blood serum albumin is low, the synovial membrane will not have sufficient protein available to transfer into the joint. Our arthritis protocol is to determine what is reducing your blood albumin level. Albumin serves to sponge up toxins produced by bacterial infections. We always test to identify infection together with albumin. In our clinic we have found that periodontal disease, a bacterial infection of the gums, causes byproducts to enter the bloodstream and trigger the liver to make proteins such as C – reactive protein (CRP) that inflames arteries, joints and promotes blood clot formation. Periodontal disease and heavy metal poisoning, need to be considered as major contributors to increased levels of CRP by the medical community. The treatment outcomes with people being treated by physicians trained in biocompatible dentistry and detoxification of heavy metals are very positive. We see definite co- relationships between joint problems and patient’s metabolic type. Generally, we find that blood type A and AB tends to get a puffy, inflamed arthritis, while Blood Type O tends to get a harder, more persistent type of arthritis. At Viana Healing Center we put all patients on the blood type diet, which can additionally be modified for the individual.

The sugar of wheat germ is highly specific to blood type A and O in causing joint pain. The adoption of a wheat-free diet appears to have a positive effect. Type O individuals following the type O diet have experienced beneficial changes in their blood test results, including total cholesterol, HDL and Triglycerides, without use of cholesterol lowering medications. Get The Point! A diagnosis of any type of arthritis should be a wake up call. Allopathic medicine offers a health future that does not look bright. We use blood, amino acid, hair testing and biocompatible (natural/non-toxic) dental exams to determine the source of your inflammation. Applying the science based results; we develop a natural health plan that can make positive changes not only for your joints, but your overall wellbeing.

CARLOS VIANA, Ph. D. is an Oriental Medical Doctor (O.M.D.) having studied in Shanghai, China; a Board Cert. Clinical Nutritionist (C.C.N.), a fellow member of the Board Certified Association of Addiction Professionals (C.Ad.), the Chairperson of the Latin American Committee of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), a Rejuvenating Cell Therapist and specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine, has a weekly radio program, writes and lectures extensively. For information: VIANA NATURAL HEALING CENTER NV, Kibaima 7, Aruba, TEL: 585-1270, Web Site:

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