Come celebrate the Aruban National Hymn and Flag Day local style!

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(Oranjestad)—On Monday, March 18th, Aruba is celebrating its National Hymn and Flag Day, also known as our independence day. Throughout the past two week, Aruba Today has shared some of the history and important meaning of this national holiday, and now we want to invite you to come celebrate this special day with us.

The whole day will be filled with fun activities, ranging from games, music, dance and even food! Here are a couple activities that you could add to your Hymn and Flag itinerary this weekend:

March 17th:

  1. Cultural manifestation at Plaza Betico Croes (Vondellaan). Starting at 6 pm to 11pm this Saturday, the Aruban community will celebrate our independence day with the cultural manifestation. Come enjoy our local music, dance performances and local food and arts and crafts.
  2. Car Show at Nikkie Habibe Plaza. Starting from 10 am, come and see a collection of beautiful vintage cars at the end of the main street in Oranjestad.

March 18th:

  1. National Hymn and Flag Parade. Early in the morning, the Aruban community gathers in front of the Plaza Betico (Vondellaan) to see a range of groups of civil society like boys/girls scouts, the police academy, and even various sports clubs and federations, marching in line commemorating our independence day. This event begins at 9am.
  2. Miniature Boat Racing at Governor’s Bay Beach. Watch miniature boats go against each other on the windy shallow beach of Governor’s Bay Beach. This event starts at 9am.
  3. Fort Zoutman. The Fort Zoutman situated in front of the Renaissance Market Place will organize a fair filled with traditional food, live music, local-made craft and more. Other places that will organize similar activities include the Archeological Museum in Oranjestad; Kulture Café in San Nicolas; the National Library of Aruba; University of Aruba; Cas di Cultura and more.

March 23rd/24th:

  1. Horse Galloping competition at Villa Floralina (Moko).

There are many more events around the island that you can attend to get a taste of the Aruban culture on this special day. Just ask your hotel receptionist or taxi driver; they know where the hot spots are!