Christmas Fair 2018 at the Promenade in San Nicolas

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SAN NICOLAS — Aruba Events Foundation together with Aruba Art Fair would like to invite you to the Christmas Fair 2018 that will take place at the Promenade in San Nicolas. It will be a memorable evening for the whole family.

 The City of San Nicolas knows as Chocolate City or Sunrise City will be completely transformed into a Real Christmas Village. Together with the department of Infrastructure which has always been in charge of decorating the streets of San Nicolas they managed to turn the Promenade into a unique attraction with art and lights. Imagine walking under the spectacular skies surrounded by magnificent artpieces made by local artist Richard Wout, trees all decorated in different styles and all focusing on the extraordinary murals. The Christmas Fair will be from 6 PM till 11 PM.

The Program
Enjoy a spectacular show presented by our local young artists Kitai de Jong, Ivy-Ann Bryson and followed by Rejoice Choir. Kozlov Dance Theatre will be presenting the famous Christmas Musical the Nutcrackers Suite. Also the wellknown Gregory Goedgedrag and his band and choir will be singing Christmas carols and gospels. Thaissa Aleyne and her group will be dancing and singing on the beat of Christmas carols. Club di Movemento will be presenting different classic ballet with their ballet dancers from all ages. The night will be closed with a huge surprise.

During Christmas Fair 2018, there will be an exhibition of Nature and Faces. Over 70 pictures were sent with the reflection of the most beautiful and unique faces of the Arubans and also our nature. Everyone present will be able to vote for the top 5. The winners will be exhibiting their art pieces in Colombia, Miami and the Netherlands.


Project “Making a child happy”
This evening the organization will continue with their project “Making a child happy” in which over 100 kids will be part of a Christmas dinner and will also receive presents and much more. The majority of these kids are working at the Aruba art Fair and have been part of it for over 3 years. Many of these kids are also outstanding athletes which makes the organization extremely proud of them.

The public will be able to take family pictures surrounded by the unique art pieces, handmade art, murals or even with Santa Claus. Get to know san Nicolas’ museums, culture and art in this wonderful Christmas ambience.

It will be a night filled with music, dance, singing, beautiful Christmas decoration and so much more presented by Aruba Event Foundation for San Nicolas. The best of it, It’s completely free!! For more information check out their website or call at 5934475.