Centro pa Hoben y Famia organizes a conference at Costa Linda Beach Resort

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Centro pa Hoben y Famia is an organization that consists of different instances in the preventive area that brings information, guide and support to young people, parents and the whole community on different topics that relate to the community, like the upbringing of a kid, child abuse, drugs and alcohol, mental health, etc.

One of the center’s goals is to reach their desired audience

On Wednesday, the 13th of April they visited Costa Linda Beach Resort. The hotel opened its doors and received them with 2 educational conferences on the topics of Mental Health and Depression. These conferences were given by Fundacion Anti Droga Aruba (Anti Drugs Foundation Aruba). Along with other foundations that also form a part of this center, who had booths to give information about their services like Tienda di Educacion, Fundacion Respeta Mi, Fundacion pa Nos Muchanan, Centro pa Hoben y Famia and guest fonddation Sociaal Psychiatrische Dienst (social psychiatric help). A total of 120 employees participated on this da.

Centro pa Hoden y Famia is thankful to the management team and human resources team of Costa Linda Beach Resort for the opportunity to all their employees so they could attend both conferences and visit the exposition to receive more information and ask any questions they may have had.

Centro pa Hoben y Famia hopes to receive the cooperation of many more organizations, companies and hotel sector to continue to bring these interesting and educational topics to the workforce.