Bringing to live our inner reality By Natusha Croes

Join local artist, Natusha Croes, in this exciting workshop where she will teach you and guide you into the realization of your inner realities through LIVE ART. 

Teaching and guiding an artistic process of self-revelation and realization that enables them to create a portal to externalize their inner dimension. Tapping upon different mediums of externalization of their dreams, notions, feelings and ideas through text, drawing, sketching, image making. Which will serve as clues to connect and share what lives in them. From then onwards I will stimulate the materialization and finally the activation of their inner reality into the outside world. Through the format of 3D design such as prop-making, installation, set design created for the intention to perform the activation of their inner realities. This item or dimension of creation will be activated using performative actions that bring into LIFE their inner reality. And will be presented in the end either through the format of film or performance. Presenting thus a new poetic reality.


The workshop will empower each student to dive deep inside their sense of self in search for the creative force that enables them to externalize who they think they are as people and creators. A courageous multidisciplinary journey of self-discovery brought to LIFE through ART.

The workshop will take place from May 18Starting Monday May 17th, 2021 up till June 11th, 2021 at Ateliers ’89 located at Dominicanessenstraat in Oranjestad On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday from 6pm-9pm. Enroll by sending an email to  or call +297 5654613 or +297-5885776.