Bohemian Restaurant: Check In Please

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PALM BEACH — Avant-garde from France, nonconformist in style and ethnic in cuisine. That is what the new kid in town is about and on WEDNESDAY NIGHT they even top the eclectic vibe with live Flamenco singer Angela Baidez. Bohemian Restaurant is a different swing, European flair and outside dining, a place from the same owner as the for years already successful Casa Tua restaurants. They know their dance well, but this time they lift it to a different level.


From 8 PM WEDNESDAY night Spanish Paella and much more is on the menu, of course with pairing wines. The beautiful garden of Bohemian will be filled with lights, good food and live music in an intimate, hip and offbeat ambiance. Catchy Rumba Gitana and dramatic Spanish ballads combine with the passionately prepared dishes to tickle your taste buds to the max. Bohemian Restaurant is located on the corner of Barceló Resort in the center of the hi-rise frenzy.


Free Parking available at the parking lot in front of Barcelo Resort. 

Make your reservations through their website: Call them at 00 297 280 8448. Facebook: Bohemian.