Blind snakes

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Foundation Parke Nacional Arikok strives to create awareness amongst the community on the different snakes that reside in Aruba.

As you may be spending more time in your garden, it is crucial to recognize our native species and the invasive species. Count yourself lucky if you encounter the most elusive snake in your garden, the ‘Colebra di dos cabes’:

● Blind snakes – ‘Colebra di dos cabes’ – ‘Indotyphlops braminus’ (Brahminy Blind Snake) & ‘Liotyphlops albirostris’ (Whitenose Blind Snake):

Blind snakes are tiny and often confused for worms. They are very common in gardens throughout the Caribbean. Being very sensitive to the sun and heat, they hide in moist plant pots or soil. The blind snakes in Aruba typically feed on termite and ant eggs and larvae.

If you encounter a ‘Colebra di dos cabes’ in your garden, please do not harm this species. If you encounter a Boa in your garden, please send a Facebook message to the national park and a Park Ranger will contact you.q\