BAZAR Pop-Up Event

265805 Pinchos- PGB promo Banner (25 x 5 cm)-5 copy

ORANJESTAD – There is a new place in town and you are most welcome to experience. Coming Saturday BAZAR will be welcoming you with open arms. “Come join us at BAZAR, and take a look at our Pop-Up Galleria featuring local artists and artisans, while taking the opportunity to enjoy our bar serving blissful drinks, coffee, vegetarian or meat dishes!”

In the Nieuwstraat 36 at Nikki Habibe Plaza in Oranjestad the vibes of art and culture will go around. The organization states: “Our walls were built to showcase local artists, we are honored to display Jenny Kock. Jenny Kock is a well know artist on the island, mostly for his great appreciation for Aruba’s scenery and culture. With his unique technique, he has shown the world that art has no barriers.” This is the right opportunity to acquire your very own Jenny Kock Art. As a surprise element to the public BAZAR will feature their Coffee Boutique concept with delish coffee and pastries from 12pm-4pm.

Starting rom 6pm they take it up by creating a unique experience with local artisans, local pastries, vegan snacks, local farmers and local food too, you can either Go Vegan or simply stay true to your meat! Part of the proceeds will go to Stichting Mi Por, to continue helping kids with a physical impairment on the island.