ATA presents its official budget and plans for 2022

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Recently, the Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) presented its plans and budget for 2022 to the Minister of Tourism Dangui Oduber.

The budget and plans for 2022 started back in April. This is the 11th consecutive year, ATA is presenting its official documents with the approval of its Supervisory Board before September 1, as indicated by law. Notwithstanding the challenges caused by the Covid pandemic, Aruba is experiencing positive tourism developments, as seen back in the plans and budget for 2022. One of the main objectives is to reach 95% of stay-over visitor arrivals, compared to 2019, a record year for Aruba. Ronella Croes, the CEO of the Aruba Tourism Authority, stated that their plan is very ambitious. International Marketing remains the key priority for the ATA. However, various projects will help develop the tourist product of Aruba”. She indicated that it is crucial to have the funds available to execute the plans as presented. Some adjustments to the plan and budget may be necessary, but ATA’s plans are in sync with the vision and policies of the Minister of Tourism. One particular subject that stands out in the plans is the focus on durable tourist product development. It mentions a program that helps coordinate visitor flow. It entails a variety of landmarks to assist with the improvement of the experience of the visitors. Before officially presenting the plan, ATA already presented some segments to the Minister of Tourism and on World Tourism Day.

Recovery and growth

There are four national indicators for 2022 (compared to 2019):

  1. A recovery of 95% Stay-over Visitor Arrivals;
  2. A recovery of tourism credits (expenses each visitor plans before their visit and during their visit) with a minimum of 95%;
  3. 3% growth of the Average Daily Rate (ADR);
  4. Recovery of Cruise Tourism of 31% and 77%.

Three objectives

The ATA has set three main objectives for 2023:

  • Increase the tourism economic value;
  • Aruba’s position as desired and sustainable destination;
  • Take the lead in the positioning and development as a destination.

The plan entails increased community involvement in tourism; the improvement of the experience and the tourists when visiting. They will also work to expand the average amount spent in Aruba by each visitor; ensuring sustainable tourism by creating a balance between the needs of the community, the visitors, and the destination. They also included a contingency plan to be able to react effectively in case of an emergency. The Covid pandemic has changed the global scenario completely. Marketing and communication strategies for the different markets have been reviewed and adjusted. They considered the way Aruba profiles/markets abroad and connects with potential new visitors while maintaining the connection with existing visitors. The primary focus remains the air traffic and sustained marketing investments. To continue to secure more airlifts to our island and sustain the marketing investment for our most important market, namely North America. Additionally, the diversification strategy of the European and Latin American markets will continue. The A.T.A. has demonstrated his ability to guide and Aruba’s position as a destination. This position makes Aruba enjoy the benefits of the tourism industry and its guests. It will continue to work on the three primary goals for the next three years, as outlined in “Our Tourism 2025 Aspiration”; innovation, sustainability, and leadership.