Aruba’s 69th Carnival officially begins

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Aruba’s Carnival 2023 officially began yesterday, November 11th when SMAC – Official organizing body of Aruba’s Carnival – presented the new jingle for this season, which was dedicated to media personality Ruben Garcia, who passed away last week.

Darren van Ommeren, president of SMAC, during a press conference said that they took the challenge this year to direct Aruba’s carnival for the following two years. “As the most active board, and one that is very energetic, we will make sure that we will have a great carnival season, which already began today”, Van Ommeren said.

Last night, the main street Caya Betico Croes in Oranjestad was filled with a festive atmosphere with the Carnival Street Party, which began with the presentation of five bands, brassband and different DJs and carnival groups.

Representative of Stichting Musica gave a speech thanking the people and organizations who helped in the creation of the jingle, as well as thanking Ruben Garcia who formed part of this great event.

Finally after two years without carnival celebrations because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, this year it is expected that carnival will be something big, that will continue pushing for the economic recovery of the island.

Today the first final of the Aruba Caiso and Soca Monarch will take place at the Centro di Bario Dakota. The performance order is as follows: Zeta Band, Tsunami, Mellow and Caribbean Band. Next week, on Saturday November 19th, they will be at the Centro di Bario Playa Pabao with Nfuzion, Sound and More, Suona, YX3M and Buleria which will close the night. Finally on the 26th of November they will be at the Centro di Bario Brazil, and the night will be inaugurated by Musical Time, Hot Ones Band, Azucar and Groove Masters.