Aruba Tourism Authority honored loyal visitors at the Caribbean Palm Village; Mr. Wayne & Mrs. Dorothy Titchen

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The Aruba Tourism Authority recently had the great pleasure to recognize Goodwill Ambassadors & Emerald Ambassadors of Aruba. These Ambassadors were respectively honored with certificates acknowledging their years of visits, loyalty, and love to the island of Aruba.

The honor certification is presented on behalf of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation and to say “Masha Danki” to guests whom have visited Aruba 10, 20, or 35 years or more consecutively.

The three honoring levels are as follows:

Distinguished Visitor (10>years consecutively visiting Aruba)
Goodwill Ambassador (20>years consecutively visiting Aruba)

Emerald Ambassador (35>years consecutively visiting Aruba)

The honorees were:

Goodwill Ambassadors
Mr. Wayne & Mrs. Dorothy Titchen from New Hampshire, United States. Mr. & Mrs. Titchen have been coming to the island for 20 years consecutively.

Mr. Frank E. & Mrs. Denise C. DeClements from Massachusetts, United States. Mr. & Mrs. DeClements have been coming to the island for 25 years consecutively.

Emerald Ambassadors
Mr. Anthony & Mrs. Kathleen Liccardo from New Jersey, United States. Mr. & Mrs. Liccardo have been coming to the island for 36 years consecutively.

Ms. Kimberley Richardson representing the Aruba Tourism Authority, and members of the Caribbean Palm Village bestowed the honor certifications to the honorees, presented them with gifts, and also thanked them for choosing Aruba as their favorite vacation destination and as their home-away-from-home.

Top reasons for returning to Aruba, provided by the honorees were:

The Titchen’s:

  • Aruba’s year-round sunny weather
  • Aruba’s nice sandy beaches and picturesque sunsets
  • Aruba’s variety of fun activities around the island
  • Aruba’s warm & friendly people
  • All the nice friends they have met in Aruba throughout the years

The DeClements’:

  • “Aruba is my happy place”
  • Everything about Aruba is very nice
  • The Cleanliness of the island
  • “We feel as this is our second home”
  • “We love it here and always look forward to coming back”

The Liccardo’s:

  • Aruba’s year-round sunny weather
  • Aruba’s nice sandy beaches and picturesque sunsets
  • Aruba’s warm & friendly people
  • Aruba’s safety
  • Aruba’s variety of restaurants