Aruba to me

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Aruba Today is always connected to our beloved followers and readers, many of them from the U.S, Canada, Latin-America and Europe. We welcome you to send us your thoughts and share with us your experiences during this hard times where we wish you were here and we imagine that you would love to enjoy our tropical paradise right at this moment. Today we would like to share with you a beautiful message from Fernando Ariel Iudica, Argentina:

“Aruba for me is perhaps what some call “their place in the world”, something I do not want to say for fear of not being able to fulfill my dream of being there every day and waiting for the night to come, it is my yesterday, today and tomorrow, It is the conjugation of air, earth and water.”

And another amazing message and picture from our beloved visitors:

Tomas Hinojal: “We are so proud how of Aruba has secured the health and safety of its citizens, ensuring a safe country for all to enjoy. My beautiful wife Maria and I love Aruba. We have been coming here since 2005 where we first celebrated our honeymoon. This summer we were going to celebrate my one year anniversary of my kidney transplant. My wife donated her kidney to me on May 30, 2019. The sights and sounds of Aruba helped me during my recovery. Hopefully soon we will walk on your beautiful beaches and have the sun kiss our faces once again.”