Aruba to Me

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Aruba Today likes to welcome readers to participate in our newspaper. You can see that in our Honored Guest-publications, specials like on Valentine’s Day and on other occasions. Throughout the year you are always welcome to send us your vacation picture(s) together with completing the sentence: Aruba to me is …….. (Email:

For today’s newspaper we received a great picture from Brenda D’Andrea of Westerville, Ohio. She wrote to us:

“Aruba to me is…. A piece of heaven on earth”

To Brenda and her husband, Day or night, Aruba is a delight.

We also receive a great picture from Sandra Sanderson. She wrote to us:

“Aruba to me is…. our go to place to relax and escape the challenges life offers at home.

2019 has been a tough year so we decided to spend Christmas here which has been wonderful.