Aruba Living Today celebrates 10 Years of Success: A Different Approach to Real Estate with a Personal Touch

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They drive around with you to help you to get to know the island. They arrange your mortgage, insurances, notary and appraisals as they have a Dutch certified appraiser on staff. They assist you in going through the needed bureaucracy during the buying process. They help you with the connection of utilities. They do your property management, vacation rental and help you import your furniture. Everything that comes in with buying a house on the island is within the package they offer. You get the whole nine yard. Who are they? Please meet Aruba Living Today!

“My goal was to do real estate in a different way when I established this company June 1st 2009. Not from the perspective of only selling, but to look for the perfect match between dream house and client. My philosophy is: it will only work when all involved are happy and connected by that personal touch,” says Randolph Arends, owner of Aruba Living Today. Together with his business partner Berend Prenger and a dedicated team they practice what they preach: mediation in Real Estate with a high service level. “I am proud to state that so far all of my clients stayed with us. I am not selling a fairytale, in ten years of course there were challenges too but it is about how you handle those. It’s like with family, you stick together with ups and downs. But the love is there.”

All Happens Here
Aruba Living Today is located in an authentic Aruban house, welcoming you in a warm ambiance that emphasizes the philosophy of connecting. There are candles, Buddha ornaments, magazines, and a homey ambience for you to sit and talk about your dream house or investment. “We are a one stop shopping point. We are not only selling a house, we take all out of your hands. It is a totally different approach that is not pushy, but showing you we do care that you feel at home here on our island. We know the island and its ups and downs. We guide you through the full process in order for you to make a proper decision,” says Berend.

What Do We Do
Services offered by Aruba Living Today are House and Land Sales, Rentals, Investments, Property Management, Vacation Rental, Mortgages, Insurances, Maintenance, Assist in Arrangements for Notary and Utilities, Guiding Bureaucracy Process and Assisting in Import of Furniture.

Berend is also a certified appraiser within the Dutch Kingdom meaning he does your appraisal report that is accepted by all banks and he delivers within three days. “Exceptional for Aruba. This definitely speeds up the process of buying,” he says. This different approach of real estate is what sets Aruba Living Today apart and is also the reason why Randolph calls himself a property mediator instead of a real estate broker. “The personal touch is essential to me. I am stepping aside of the image that real estate brokers are only in for the commission. This image does not fit me at all, I am in for my passion and I can only do this from the heart.”

Aruba Living Today caters for both local and foreign market divided into 40% local buyers and 60% foreign buyers. “Our customers come from Holland, Belgium, Norway, Germany, UK, Russia, Latin America, United States and Canada. We are widely covered and thus provable good with different cultures, also we speak four languages.” Besides that Aruba Living Today is open to every budget, they have listings for all category buyers. As a member of the Aruban Real Estate Association they are listed also on the website within a group of 20 of the most advanced realtors on the island. Aruba Living Today is featured as well on Home & Garden TV and you can find them on House Hunters, Social Media under Aruba Living Today and of course in Aruba Today’s newspaper.

Aruba Living Today
Tanki Leendert 291, Aruba
Tel +297 587 9987
Fax +297 587 9985
Cell +297 593 9177