Aruba has its Dog Control Unit

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The Dog Control Unit was put into use on Wednesday April 14, 2021. Last July, the Center for Dog Control was opened to address the serious problem of stray dogs.

Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes attended the commissioning of the unit and said many positive things have happened in the Dog Control Center since then. The most important aspect is that the so-called culling loft was abolished. Now it has been replaced by a Dog Control Center. A place under responsible management, where most of the unwanted pets brought in by their owners are given a second chance.

Now Aruba finally has a Dog Control Unit, and its main task is to collect stray dogs, including those with an owner. The aim is to reduce the number of stray dogs to an amount that does not cause any nuisance to the dogs themselves, children, athletes, motorists and tourists. The Dog Control Unit will take the dog to the Dog Control Center to see if it can be reunited with its owner. It is important to point out that the Dog Control Service does not pick up dog cadavers on the street. That is Serlimar’s job.

The goal isn’t just to pick up stray dogs. The Dog Control Unit will also check compliance with the Dog Ordinance, which has been in effect since 2015. This is a collaboration between the police and Bureau City Inspector. The van from the Dog Control Unit has been facilitated by the Minister of Justice and symbolically delivered to the Bureau City Inspector to perform this function. If the unit picks up a dog from the street and is later determined to have an owner, the dog owner will face the consequences as stipulated in the Dog Ordinance. Therefore, all dog owners are advised to keep their dog in their yard.q