ARUBA DOET – PEACE LABYRINTH: When individuals unite to serve their community, something magical happens.

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Before the sun rose, we set up buckets with gloves and garden tools for each volunteer. The air was filled with excitement, and as soon as it got a bit brighter, volunteers arrived to start beautifying the gardens. Gradually, the local trees and plants that were once entirely covered in weeds emerged anew, such as the Foyo di Cruz, Watapana, Wayaca, Aloe Vera, Shimarucu and Teco plants.

More volunteers arrived, each bringing various garden tools, including weed trimmers, rakes, and wheelbarrows. We soon saw the labyrinth paths become clear and revitalized with white sand, and the atmosphere was incredibly collaborative. Everyone did what they physically could, whether they were families, friends, colleagues, or teams from Deloitte Dutch Caribbean, Departamento di Asunto Social, or IMC Corporate Services.

During breaks, we enjoyed coffee with delicious fresh muffins by Santos and healthy snacks, including fresh mango juice for the younger volunteers who were a joy to have around. The volunteers had fun together, singing Happy Birthday, sharing labyrinth stories and gardening expertise, showing how sacred this beautiful place has become.

I never realized community service was a movement, but as Adam Gardner says, it is, and this labyrinth community is becoming one. Volunteering on this project helped us understand what it takes to maintain it and built a relationship with it automatically.

As part of the Island wide project Aruba Doet, we restored the labyrinth for the fourth time. Now that it’s beautiful again, it’s easier to maintain it with the Adopt-the-Labyrinth-for-a-Week program.

If you’re interested in joining this labyrinth community, please email Gea Sougé at When you adopt the labyrinth for a week, you visit it three times to water the trees and plants, trim where necessary, and clean the area.

It was incredible that it started raining Sunday to bless the labyrinth. The rain helped settle the sand and firm the rocks in the labyrinth. To ground it further, we invite the community to walk this beautiful labyrinth for relaxation, reflection, and contemplation. Spending time at the labyrinth will heal and help you recharge, release stress, and feel more energized again.

A big thank you to all the Aruba Doet volunteers who gave their time, attention, and energy to serve the community.

For more information about the Aruba Peace Labyrinth project, please contact:

Gea Souge at mobile +297 5944250 / Email: