Aruba Bank first company in the world to embrace Report App

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Aruba Bank prioritizes to protect her employees at work and inappropriate behavior towards employees is not accepted. That is why the bank introduces the Report App as first company in the world. The bank’s strategy We Care We Build is supported by this app while at the same time awareness is created not to behave inappropriate towards colleagues.

Sharon Frankel-de Cuba, Managing Director of Aruba Bank explains that with the app barriers are being taken away for the employee that faces inappropriate behavior to report this. The app functions as a tool to report in an easy and quick way at any moment. Informative videos guide the employee through the information about what is considered inappropriate behavior on the work floor like aggression, violence, and bullying, sexual harassment in a physical, sexual or mental way.

Report App
Karin Bosman, founder of foundation About Workplace Harassment (AWH), is committed to put workplace harassment on the agenda in Aruba and Curacao since 2015. Consequently they widened their working area also to Bonaire and St. Maarten, in cooperation with Medwork for the introduction of the Report App. The Report App ensures employees to have access to information and instruction about workplace harassment 24/7. Support for the reporters comes from the professional or the internal or external confidential advisor, whom are all connected to the dashboard of the Report App. It’s a very safe and secured way of keeping a logbook about the incidents people experience as a victim or bystander, this logbook can be uploaded (no must) when people are ready to file their report to create a better place for themselves at work. The foundation in Aruba will make sure that training and advice is available for local confidential advisors, furthermore the foundation will support confidential advisors who experience resistance from their superiors in handling a complaint or report from an employee. Bosman is proud to say that this is the first app worldwide that reports workplace harassment. Aruba Bank takes a leading example in embracing this protective tool for its employees.

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