Applications are on at the University of Aruba: Let’s meet Faculty for Accounting, Finance and Marketing

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By Linda Reijnders

ORANJESTAD – The University of Aruba is open to applications this month and that is a great opportunity to talk to some of their remarkable students. Meet Emile Felida, 3rd year student at the Faculty for Accounting, Finance and Marketing of the University of Aruba (FEF).”I am very happy with my choice to study here. I feel this university prepares me for the road I decided to take.”

That road was not entirely clear when Emile graduated from the local high school Havo Colegio Arubano. He was still quite young and not sure what would be his near future plan. “I went working in different jobs until I visited a College Fair. It was there where I met the Coast Guards. I found them interesting and I thought it was a good base. After doing some tests I managed to get accepted at their base at the barracks in Savaneta, where the Dutch marines are located.” He liked it because it is a daring and challenging job. “You never know what will happen and danger may occur. It toughens you. You learn to use arms and physically it is a great training. I was 19 when I entered the Coast Guard and they offer you study and tests. I had to do that in Curacao for 11 months.” After he worked one and a half year for the Coast Guard he went to study in The Netherlands: Integral Security Science. “But I did not like it that much. I had all those experiences but still did not find what I was looking for exactly.”

Small & Personal
His cards changed when he met Charisse Hoen, Student Affairs & Marketing coordinator at the university. “I met her during a course Higher Management outside the university, where she was the lecturer. It was Charisse who inspired me to come to the university and I was enthusiastic.” Emile has always been interested in business and at some point in his life he likes to have his own business. “That was my motivation to choose Accounting & Finance. It teaches me to create business plans, calculate projects and much more. Compared to the level in the Netherlands we are doing pretty much the same here. But here the subjects are broad, the classes are small and that makes it very personal, it is easy to talk to the lecturers. There is a lot of interaction. I am happy with my choice. Here you can do exchange programs, your final thesis abroad, and your master abroad…. There are many opportunities This University is a great step-up for students who are still young or not sure if they wish to go abroad yet. You can prepare yourself here.”

FEF is an educational institute that offers acknowledged bachelor programs in applied sciences. The curriculum is structured and updated with the latest trends and developments of both the Aruban business community as well as the international academic community. With a balanced mix of professional lecturers and academic lecturers, they aim to stimulate students to broaden their scope internationally and to explore and cultivate their passions and talents. Moreover: this faculty is likewise the Law-faculty (FdR) fully positively judged by the NVAO (Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization).

For more information please check the website or Facebook University of Aruba.