Another Year, More Products from Gelatissimo

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Gelatissimo is well-known for its authentic Italian gelato, made right here in Aruba. The gelatissimo factory produces high-quality gelato that comes in more than 35 different flavors, with no artificial flavors, including the famous “Black Hawaii” which is perfect for vegans or those suffering from diabetes as it contains no nuts, eggs or gluten.

Furthermore, the gelatissimo cups, which are available in small or family size, consisting of 3 flavors: stracciatella, hazelnut crunch, and pistacchio are available at the Ling & Sons, Superfood and Do It Center Supermarkets.

The refreshing fruit or milk popsicles, which are available in 10 flavors, are the perfect way to cool off after a day in the sun, or if you’re looking for something more adult-themed, then the gelatissimo bon bons are a must-have.

The gelatissimo bon bons are chocolate covered gelato beautifully packaged, consisting of 10 bon bons in 5 delicious flavors; amaretto, hazelnut crunch, mandarin, coconut, and coffee.

For those that love a good dessert sandwich, then the gelatissimo sandwiches are the right choice. The sandwiches consist of gelato in the middle of 2 exquisite biscuits, available in 4 flavors; stracciatella, italian cheesecake, hazelnut, and black hawaii.

The Italian gelato, bon bons, popsicles, and sandwiches, are also sold at the Gelatissimo Bus located at Giannis Plaza, the Palm Pier or any location that sells gelatissimo.