Analysis on the work by Aruban customs has scored very high at UNCTAD

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(Oranjestad)ā€”Recently, the minister of Finance, Mrs. Xiomara Maduro, has been given a presentation of the analysis conducted by Mr. Terence Leonard, customs expert at the UNCTAD, for the Department of Customs (Aduana) of Aruba. The results of the analysis show that the work done by the Aruban customs has scored very high at UNCTAS, which is a unit within the United Nations that help developing countries in facilitating trade, for example.

The Aruban customs has been working with the Asycuda system for quite some time already, and Mr. Leonard has come to help the department with the implementation and the transfer of knowledge in relation to this system. Besides this, Mr. Leonard has conducted 2 analyses: One to have an insight on how much profit the Department of Customs generates for Aruba, and the other to evaluate the pilot program ā€œTrade Facilitationā€ that is currently being applied by the Aruban customs.

In terms of the profits generated by customs from 2014 to 2022, figures have shown that the departmentā€™s efficiency has generated more profit for the island. Results from the analysis on the Trade Faciliation program have also proven to be superb, seeing as the work system based on risks have also proven to be very efficient. In turn, this has allowed businesses to received their shipments sooner without affecting the countryā€™s profits. Mr. Leonard indicated that UNCTAD is impressed by these results, and would like to use Aruba as an example of ā€œbest practiceā€ to help other island countries in the region.

Minister Maduro thanks Mr. Leonard for the cooperation and collaboration with the UNCTAD, and she congratulates the Department of Customs for their impressive results. It seems that the investments made in the Asycuda system and the work system based on risks have provided major benefits.