Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort Celebrates Sponsorship of the 31st Festival of Book for Kids in Aruba

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Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort is proud to announce its sponsorship of the 31st edition of the Aruba Children’s Book Festival (Festival di Buki pa Mucha), an event organized annually by the National Library of Aruba. The festival began with an extraordinary opening show at Cas di Cultura on Saturday, November 4, and was broadcasted on the local channel TeleAruba.

The Aruba Children’s Book Festival was held from November 4th to 10th. During the week of November 6th to 10th, a total of 16 authors, illustrators, and storytellers visited numerous schools in Aruba. In the afternoons of this week, presentations were also given at the libraries in Playa and San Nicolas. Additionally, the National Library of Aruba promoted its second-hand book market.

Representing Aruba, several talented authors showcased their works, including Olga Buckley, Desiree Correa, Emerita Emerencia, Irmgard Frans, Vanessa Paulina, Esmeralda Tromp-Jacobs (Tanchi Esmé), Ruthy Vrieswijk, and Sheila Werleman. From Bonaire, Boi Antoin and Denise de Jongh-Rekwest participated, and Pedro Vargas represented Colombia. Curacao was represented by Alvin Inecia (Tio Ali) and Crisen Schorea, while Jeroen Hoogerwerf and Mariska Hammerstein were from the Netherlands. Misha Spanner came from St. Eustatius.

A highlight of the festival was the gift to the Aruban childrens, a book titled “Na cas di Carmen y Carlos” (At Home with Carmen and Carlos) by Jeroen Hoogerwerf and Vanessa Paulina. This book was made available to Aruban children and since the official opening of the Aruba Children’s Book Festival, it can be obtained for free by purchasing a book at DeWit & VanDorp and Plaza Bookshop stores.

The festival aimed to inspire children to be creative, kind, and curious about knowledge while promoting respect for cultural heritage and coexistence. Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort was delighted to offer comfortable accommodation in our beautiful Manor Studios to all international authors participating in the festival. Our exceptional guests enjoyed top-quality service and a warm, welcoming atmosphere for their six-night unforgettable Caribbean experience.

A grand finale cocktail party was organized at Horizons Lounge to celebrate the successful collaboration among the authors and the National Library of Aruba. The party provided an opportunity to mingle and exchange ideas and was Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort’s way of showing gratitude to the authors for their valuable participation and contribution to the Aruba Children’s Book Festival. The resort is honored to be part of this inspirational literature wave initiated by the National Library of Aruba. Without the authors’ involvement, the event would not have been as extraordinary as it was.

Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort is honored to support and celebrate the Aruba Children’s Book Festival, which aims to encourage a love for reading and creativity among the youth of Aruba and is excited to continue promoting and supporting such extraordinary literary events in partnership with The National Library of Aruba.