Agreement signed with ELMAR N.V. to install surveillance cameras on carnival routes

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ORANJESTAD – On February 2, 2023, the Minister of Justice and Social Affairs, Mr. Rocco Tjon, signed an agreement with ELMAR N.V. to install surveillance cameras along the carnival route in San Nicolas and Oranjestad.

It is an innovative pilot project with added value for the police force.

The Carnival season is always busy for the police force. Therefore it is essential to facilitate their work with surveillance cameras. It will give the camera room operators the advantage to dispatch the police officers efficiently to areas where disturbances happen.

These surveillance cameras will add an extra layer of security to spectators and carnival participants during and after the parades. Such pilot projects require the input of other ministries as well. The Minister of Justice is very grateful to the Minister of Energy, Mr. Glenbert Croes, for his support.

The first phase of the surveillance camera project is ongoing near the beach side of the hotel strip. Recently a Ministerial decree was signed for a similar surveillance camera project in the high-rise hot zone and on the main street of San Nicolas. Next week, they will install these surveillance cameras in San Nicolas.

Once ready, the authorities will evaluate these projects and based on the results, will start with phase 4, which includes surveillance cameras on public roads for extra safety.

The Minister congratulates both Elmar N.V. and the police department for this project.