A Tasty Show

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Super Center Ling & Sons throws a unique all-day event at September 26th in the Marriott Grand Ballroom. The Food Show 2019 presents the most delicious and exquisite fruits, veggies, brands, breads, cheeses, wines and much more. Everyone in the food business- hotels, retailers, restaurants, event planners, catering, chefs and other businesses are welcome to visit the food show between 10 AM and 6 PM and get to know everything Ling & Sons has to offer, also with regards to wholesale.

Last year was the first time Ling & Sons organized the event and it was an instant success. Marlenne Maduro, Marketing & PR Manager, told us the show was highly appreciated by the visitors. “We have chosen to show what quality we have in-house and to what extend Ling & Sons can go with regards to variety and quality of our products.” And that extend is far enough. The #1 supercenter is standing strong for more than 50 years already offering the best quality, service and innovation. As a matter of fact Ling & Sons is undergoing a complete renovation which is in its last phase only to stay on the ball of the newest developments in supercenter land.

The culinary event Food Show will tickle the taste buds of food lovers and showcase the potential of Ling & Sons. Romar Trading will be present to offer their assortment of distinguished wines and beers. Besides this there is the fantastic opportunity to win tickets for a culinary travel to Miami. To participate in the campaign is easy enough:

  1. Shop at Ling & Sons for 50 Florin or more
  2. Visit the Food Show at Thursday September 26 and receive your ticket to participate
  3. Visit the show for business and receive your ticket to participate

At the end of the Food Show Ling & Sons will announce the winners of the culinary trip to Miami.

For more information please contact the marketing department at telephone: +297 521 2370 or email mmaduro@lingiga.com. The website www.lingandsons.com and Ling & Sons Facebook/Instagram will also give you more insight.