A new start for our special kids

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PARADERA — Pasadia Briyo di Solo ‘Sunshine Daycare’ is a part of the Foundation for the mentally disabled of Aruba (Stichting voor verstandelijke gehandicapten Aruba) which provides education to all the persons of Aruba with disabilities and special needs.

People with special needs also have the right to develop themselves and deserve to feel at home in their own community. At Pasadia Briyo di Solo they give so much love and take good care of these special people. Last year was very hearth breaking due to a fire which burned down their building completely. The team of Pasadia Briyo di Solo together with the help of community of Aruba they managed to finally have the building ready for the new schoolyear. Pasadia Briyo di Solo is very happy to see that the importance of these special kids is being acknowledged in the community. The special kids are very happy and excited to go back to school.

The foundation, Stichting voor Verstandelijk Gehandicapten Aruba, wishes all their students, clients, parents, teachers and employees of all their schools around the island a successful start of schoolyear 2018/2019.