Vacation home rentals (VHR): A resilient industry in times of crises

It is definitely a resilient industry as is also the case for timeshares.

Focus on the bees

So let’s appreciate these awesome, life-giving insects and protect them as best we can.

Aruba launches new channel: Aruba.TV

Aruba.TV is available all around the island.


Pharmacist, used car salesman charged with COVID-19 fraud

His attorney declined to comment.

Lock your cars! Vehicle theft spikes in COVID-19 pandemic

"You can get on the internet nowadays and learn how to break into vehicles just searching YouTube," Vetrano said.

McConnell discusses prospects for another round of relief

"We don't know yet," the senator said. "We're still measuring the impact of what we've already done, and all of that money is not yet out."



Pandemic probe: Brazil police raid Rio governor’s residence

Bolsonaro, speaking in the capital Brasilia, denied any prior knowledge of the raid.

Hong Kong leader says security law not a threat to freedoms

The U.S. has sharply criticized the proposed legislation and threatened to withdraw preferential trade status for Hong Kong.

Russia says U.S. leaving overflight treaty will hurt security

"The less openness, the less trust. and consequently, security," the statement said.


The “New Normal”: Small Island Innovations Post Corona

Globally, Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) are known key drivers of economic and social development.

The most romantic natural Pool in Aruba

This romantic natural pool is very unique and sure my preferred one.

COVID-19: The Creative Industry’s Worst Nightmare Come True

It has been at least 4 decades since the island experienced a national curfew or further than that, a partial shutdown.