Lola: hipster Mexican Spot & a Happy Surprise

The trendy spot is full of colors and Mexican vibes that lift up your spirits and make you smile.

Honoring of Goodwill Ambassadors at Divi Dutch Resort

The couple stated that they love the island very much, especially for its friendly people, wonderful weather and pristine beaches.

Friendship between Aruba and U.S.

Friendship has everything to do with love, respect and joy and all of that is applicable to the remarkable duo Jeff Angela and Vito Traus a.k.a. Papa Vito.


Justice backs Mnuchin’s refusal to turn over Trump’s taxes

The House Ways and Means Committee subpoenaed six years of Trump's tax returns in May, but the Treasury Department refused to provide the documents.

Florida governor signs bill banning sanctuary policies

The bill prohibits local governments from enacting "sanctuary" polices that protect undocumented immigrants from deportation.

House panel votes to hold top U.S. officials in contempt

The vote sends the contempt measures to the full House, although congressional leaders could go directly to court to try to force compliance with the subpoenas under a resolution approved earlier this week.



Future of left-wing mayors of Madrid, Barcelona in balance

Ada Colau, a former housing activist, is poised to stay in charge of Barcelona after her party members voted Friday for her proposal to join in a coalition with the Socialist Party.

Major oil companies commit to carbon pricing at Vatican

The companies, including ExxonMobil, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Total, Chevron and Eni, said in a joint statement that governments should set such pricing regimes at a level that encourages business and investment, while "minimizing the costs to vulnerable communities and supporting economic growth."

Ex-Algerian PM jailed in sweeping anti-corruption campaign

Numerous journalists saw the van leave the Supreme Court for the prison of El Harrach after Ouyahia made an hours-long appearance before the investigating judge.


Hannah Lee: “Think Wabi Sabi!”

Hannah Lee, a 21 year old creative, was born in Aruba, but grew up both in Aruba and in the US.

Island Insight Episodio XXII: The Bay at Savaneta II

There are many documents that refer to Savaneta as a place to throw anchor, were you could get to shore using a small boat.

Showing your age

Considering that the target age group for most new timeshare owners is about 50-52.5 years of age at the time of purchase, long time members are pushing their 80’s and 90’s at the moment.