Aruba’s natural product: phosphate

That's how Seroe Colorado (the Colored Hill) got its name.

Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) launches concept: Promotions for ‘workations Aruba’ receives great enthusiasm

In the future Aruba hopes to be able to extend this in order to offer longer periods.


U.S. says Russia was given Trump campaign polling data in 2016

Kilimnik has long been alleged by U.S. officials to have ties to Russian intelligence.

Heavy, wet snow shows another side of spring in New England

Snow fell from New York's Hudson Valley to northern New York and eastward through New England.

Lawmakers fighting like cats and dogs? Not over this bill

"It's a categorical imperative: You have to report," chimed in Sen. David Watters, D-Dover.



Shortage of intubation drugs threatens Brazil health sector

"Some try to talk, resist. They're conscious."

AP Interview: Beijing says US ‘too negative’ toward China

China could be a partner as Biden tackles the coronavirus and the economy, he said.

Australian judge rules Google misled Android users on data

"We are extremely pleased with the outcome in this world-first case," he added.


Episode C -100: Musical Instruments

When the Spanish conquistadors came to South America, they brought the vihuela (an ancestor of the classical guitar) with them.

Episode XCIX – 99: Easter Edition

It’s believed that eggs represented fertility and birth in certain pagan traditions that predates Christianity.

Will the Cultural and Creative Industry get a Chance in the Next Aruban Government?

A place where culture and creativity meet innovation.