Aruba to Me by Nancy Fletch

Aruba to Me

ORANJESTAD – We would like to portrait you! By inviting you to send us your favorite vacation picture while enjoying our Happy Island. Complete the sentence: Aruba to me is …….  Send your picture with that text (including your name and where you are from) to: and we will publish your vacation memory.

Isn’t that a special way to keep your best moments alive? Please do note: By submitting photos, text or any other materials, you give permission to The Aruba Today Newspaper, Caribbean Speed Printers and any of its affiliated companies to use said materials, as well as names, likeness, etc. for promotional purposes without compensation.

Last but not least: check out our website and Facebook page! Thank you for supporting our free newspaper, we strive to make you a happy reader every day again.

For today’s newspaper we received some great pictures from Nancy Fletch from Buffalo, New York.  She wrote: “Aruba to me is sunsets, Santa, special occasions and of course Balashi”.


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